RETTOIL is, first of all, the high-technology oils with insuperable lubricating and protective properties.
RETTOIL products have been created to ensure reliability and durability of engines and transmissions of vehicles and equipment.


Friction and wear of equipment constitute serious problems for the society. Friction reduces the efficiency of engines, machinery and mechanisms, and leads to energy losses. Wear reduces the service life of units and parts, increases their maintenance costs.

The new technical decisions to improve performance of the mechanical equipment will be relevant for a long period of time. The demand for high-performance additives to oils and lubricants is to the most extent due to the new rules requiring the improved fuel efficiency and health and environmental safety.

We are sure that the oils and lubricants formula that includes antifriction additives with unique properties will play a leading role in the global market of lubricants for a long period of time. The less fuel we consume, the less harmful emissions we produce and the less repairs and replacements of engines and equipment are required, the more the companies and the world we live in should benefit.

Trade mark

RETTOIL is a trade mark of the independent Holland manufacturer and supplier of lubricants with the world best antifriction properties. RETTOIL products are truly Holland not only by the high quality mark on the package: “made in Holland”, but also in their spirit. They combine the renowned Holland commitment to the entrepreneurship, Holland aspiration to reach perfection in all aspects of the product and Holland flexibility that allows to exceed the customers’ expectations.

The base of the RETTOIL brand are the employees, experts with many-year experience in oil business for whom oils, lubricants and technology are the subjects of dedication, respect and aspiration for development. We work with the leading developers and manufacturers of the oil components, test and research centers. We make oils on the most advanced equipment according to the clear technology. We offer premium oils, oils with the best tribotechnical characteristics.


RETTOIL oils are produced according to the code of practice of lubricants.

Blending of components of the finished oil, i.e. base material, additive package, viscosity modifier and additional components, is performed according to the proven and permitted formulations, according to the process regulations established at the company. Introduction, addition of the antifriction modifier to the oil are agreed with the rules of the components interchangeability and provisions of the code of practice of the additives manufacturers. Pre-packing of the finished products, like the most of the production stages, is automated.

Each link of the production chain, from the raw components incoming inspection to the finished products storage, contributes to the finished products quality.


RETTOIL motor oils are produced in strict compliance with the European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System (EELQMS). This system includes different standards, test methods and procedures, codes of practice and requirements of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). An integral part of the system are the standards of the US Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Engine Oil License and Certification System.

The products quality control at all production stages is performed according to the adopted international standards.

EELQMS provides the quality monitoring of motor oils launched to the consumer market. The key check parameters are high- and low-temperature oil viscosity, evaporation capacity, sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur content, total base number. Testing is performed in the independent expert laboratories qualified according to ISO 17025.

RETTOIL oils produced according to the EELQMS requirements are reliably of high-quality: they have the declared performance level and are safe for use.
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